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Parents and citizens association

The Parents and Citizens Association (P&C) works in partnership with the staff of South Sydney High School to ensure quality education for our students. The P&C assist by subsidising learning programs, as well as providing resources and equipment for the school through our fundraising initiatives. The P&C also:

  • provides for the Year 7 Welcome BBQ
  • provides a free sausage sizzle at South Sydney High School Open Days
  • organises the Year 12 supper
  • provides several prizes at the end of the year for students in all the year groups.

Throughout the year the P&C holds various fundraising events to provide the means to purchase additional equipment or facilities for our students. There are many opportunities to get involved and support the fundraising efforts of the P&C. By taking an active role in school life, parents and carers can make a difference to their child's education and the school environment.


The P&C association meets at 7pm on the second Tuesday of the month during term time in the staff common room. The common room can be found by going through the Paine Street entrance and walking through the gates at the side of the hall. Meetings usually finish by 8:30pm. Parents, carers and other interested community members are invited to participate in the friendly discussion ranging from the future direction of the school to student welfare and resources. The meeting is run as a forum and is led by the P&C committee. It is also attended by the principal and/or deputy principal.

All parents and carers are welcome to attend meetings, as it's the best way to find out what's happening at the school, what's planned for the future and how you can be involved.

Meetings provide an opportunity for the principal to receive feedback from parents and caregivers. It's also a forum for new ideas and suggestions; so come and have your say.

We hope to see you at one of our P&C meetings:

Term 1 - 8th February & 8th March

Term 2 - 10th May & 14th June

Term 3 - 9th August & 13th September

Term 4 - 8th November (AGM) & 13th September (TBC)


Further information

P&C President: Vanessa Fajwul

Vice Presidents: Anthony Fajwul & Justine Jennings

Secretary: Miriam Fouracre