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Welfare team

Welfare team 

The welfare team consists of year advisors, senior executives, head teachers and school counsellors. They run whole school welfare programs, like peer support, Year 7 transition programs and anti-bullying workshops. They also support students on an individual basis.

They work to provide a safe and caring learning environment for your child. 

The head teacher welfare's role

The Head Teacher Welfare, Mr Benischke, oversees all of the student support programs and welfare referrals for individual students in the school. Students, parents or caregivers can contact the Head Teacher Welfare to discuss issues of concern.

The year advisors' role

A year advisor is a member of the welfare team who has special responsibility for a particular year. Your year advisor will give you advice if you have any issues that are worrying you.

Year advisors, 2021

  • Year 7: Ms Allanson (Science)
  • Year 8: Ms Khouri (English)
  • Year 9:  Mr Yasaman (Maths)
  • Year 10: Ms Rivett (Maths)
  • Year 11:  Mr Spencer (Science)
  • Year 12: Ms Graham (Student Services)

Supervisor of Girls

Ms Corlija is the Supervisor of Girls at South Sydney High School. Her role is to council and advise girls regarding any issues whatsoever. She is also available for parents and caregivers who may wish to discuss personal issues concerning their daughter.