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Primary school enrichment

South Sydney Primary Enrichment Program

Feeder schools

Gifted and talented students from our local feeder schools have the opportunity to attend the South Sydney High School Enrichment Program (SSEP).

This program provides enrichment and challenge activities which broaden the children's perspective on learning by using higher order thinking skills, problem solving and inquiry based learning.

Year 6 program

Four students from each school attend a full day workshop each Wednesday for 8 weeks. The students come from Banksmeadow Public School, Botany Public School, Daceyville Public School, Maroubra Bay Public School, Maroubra Junction Public School, Pagewood Public School and South Coogee Public School.

These workshops are conducted by visiting presenters and high school specialist teachers. Each workshop emphasises hands on experiments which enable students to be fully engaged in activities and have fun while learning.


Samples include:

  • in 'Rocketry', students design and construct straw rockets, then launch them and record the results to analyse in class
  • in 'Learning to Learn', students examine the physiology of the brain
  • in 'Food Technology', students use South Sydney High School kitchens to make muffins and meringues while investigating aeration in food
  • in the 'Magic of Triangles' students investigate Pythagoras' theorem in an imaginative and creative way.

Feedback from the Year 6 program

The feedback we have received indicates that during the South Sydney High School Primary Enrichment Program students were able to form many new friendships and were very keen to work in groups.

They were able to experience the high school environment, which will assist the transition to high school. They all especially enjoyed the hands on activities throughout the weekly workshops.

Year 5 program

A condensed program for Year 5 students is held during Term 3.