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Enrichment Stream

Philosophy and expectations of enrichment stream students

The philosophy underpinning our enrichment stream classes is one of encouraging maximum engagement with curricular and co-curricular programs offered at our school. In terms of curriculum the minimum expectation is that students will apply themselves diligently to their learning.  This means that they need to demonstrate timely completion of tasks set in all of their subjects and they are expected to engage positively with their learning, conducting themselves at all times in a respectful and cooperative manner in class.   

Monitoring and review

Students who are members of our enrichment stream are monitored regularly throughout the school year to ensure that South Sydney’s expectations concerning their membership of an enrichment class are being met.

In cases of students who are causing concern in terms of positive engagement with their learning in any subject the child's continued placement in this class will be reviewed. Should this occur the parents and student can expect to be contacted and advised of the issue by their class teacher in the first place.  In cases where a number of subjects are involved this review process may involve an interview with the Principal on the advice of a Head Teacher or the enrichment stream coordinator.

Learning beyond the classroom and enrichment stream students 

Many opportunities are offered at South Sydney to enrichment stream students beyond the curriculum. Our school’s rich and varied co-curricular programs afford all students opportunities to engage with learning beyond the classroom. While we offer a rich variety of activities beyond the classroom and encourage our student body to avail of these opportunities it is expected that they will be embraced by our enrichment students.

Self-directed Project Based Learning and South Sydney's Club for Intelligent Minds (SSCIM) 

Opportunities to engage in 'Project Based Learning' are afforded to all students at South Sydney High School but it is expected that such opportunities will be embraced by all students in our enrichment classes. Special enrichment focus days devoted to areas such as STEM (Robotics), Public Speaking, Writing ('Book in a Day') and short film making are afforded to enrichment stream students and provide students with occasions to engage in self-directed project based learning.

It is also expected that students from enrichment stream classes will attend SSCIM Club (Thursdays at lunch time) and avail of mentoring offered for Project Based Learning at SSCIM Camps:

Senior SSCIM Camp on Cockatoo Island (Years 9-11: Term 2) and Junior SSCIM Camp at Pittwater YHA  (Years 7-8: Term 4).

Concerns or queries about South Sydney’s enrichment stream should be directed to Aine de Paor, Enrichment Stream Co-ordinator at South Sydney High School.