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Beacon foundation

The Beacon Foundation is a national non-profit organisation that is currently working with over 14,000 students in more than 130 communities around Australia. Beacon aims to increase student aspirations, skills and opportunities through linking schools with business and community.

Tackling youth unemployment 

By harnessing community involvement, it works within schools to ensure young people are either earning or learning at vulnerable transition points in their lives.

In over 25 years Beacon has worked with more than 100,000 Australian students, focusing on engaging students in practical, solution-focused programs that mobilise the school, parents/caregivers and businesses in the community to create positive opportunities and knowledge for skills development.

Working with schools

The Beacon program works specifically with schools and communities to help students on a positive pathway to further education, training or employment post school.

Already operating in over 127 schools across Australia, the Beacon Foundation aims to work in partnership with the schools, local businesses and the wider Maroubra and district community to provide a positive pathway for students outside the school.

Year 10 students at South Sydney High School undertake the Beacon program.

Achieving personal success

Core to the Beacon mission is the desire for each young person to develop an independent will to achieve personal success for themselves and their community through self help and enterprise.


Businesses who are interested in working with SSHS in these programs are encouraged to contact Ms H Stell via her email at, or to phone the school office on 02 9349 3868.

There are so many opportunities for business people to be involved in the school. For more information about the Beacon Foundation please visit the Beacon Foundation website.